The Club at Strawberry Creek

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Course Tour

Hole 1 Hole 2 Hole 3
The first hole sets the tone for the Club at Strawberry Creek. This 446 yard par 4 is best attacked with a tee shot down the right side that challenges the grass hollows. Balls landing short left of the green could end up a long way from the hole. The green is divided by a ridge leaving the right side the desired placement for your approach. A well designed golf course should allow the golfer a chance to make birdies early. The 518 yard 2nd hole is the shortest par 5 on the course and should allow many birdie opportunities. A tee shot close to right side bunkers will have shortest approach to the green. The tee shot on this 405 yard par 4 appears deceptively narrow, but the bunker placements are mainly visual, and plenty of room exists for your tee shot. Choose your club wisely as the green is elevated some 12' and will require a longer club selection.
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