The Club at Strawberry Creek

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I can't say enough about The Club at Strawberry Creek!!This place is absolutely amazing-from the food, to the location, the ample parking, the views, the cleanliness, and lastly the phenomenal staff here!! We worked with Malina Potts, the event manager, and she was so organized, professional, extremely sweet, and just a pleasure to work with! I promise you future brides, BOOK HERE, because you will not be disappointed with the venue and all the wonderful perks that are included within!

-Kristina 8/30/16

We had a BEAUTIFUL July wedding. From day one of our planning Mary Fredrick was very helpful. Strawberry Creek was our dream wedding venue and everyone that attended our wedding is still talking about it. The food was delicious especially the strawberry salad. They have many wonderful things that are included in their pricing which we really liked. The cake was included and is from Lovin Oven and we will also receive a complimentary meal on our one year anniversary. It truly was a pleasure being there and I wish we could relive the experience every day. Love love love

-Kristin 8/14/16

My son and (now) daughter were recently married at The Club at Strawberry Creek. They live in Florida dur to my son's job, so I was their designated "wedding coordinator". As a result, I was very hands-on with everything from the venue to the florist. I simply cannot say enough good things about The  Strawberry Creek venue and our event coordinator, Malina. In fact, a couple of days after the wedding my son, my (new) daughter and I were discussing how we all felt about the reception and we all agreed that not one thing could have gone better (NOT ONE THING!).We heard from countless guests via text, social media and before they reluctantly left that night (the reception ended at midnight and ourguests were so sad it was over!!) that it was one of the most beautiful and fun weddings they had ever attended...Many commented that the other weddings they were attending in the near future would be "hard-pressed to compare." And we owe so much of that to Malina and Strawberry Creek. Honestly, the whole night was just sort of magical. From the beautiful on-site ceremony under the pergola to the sunset grand entrance to the delicious cocktail hour and dinner/open bar- it could not have been more perfect. Most of the vendors we chose (like DJ, florist, etc.) had worked previously with Strawberry Creek, which made everything run extra smoothly - like a well-oiled machine. There really is just something special about the ballroom there! My husband and I have three more children and we would absolutely love it if all of them chose Strawberry Creek for their weddings. It was one of the most memorable and wonderful night of both the groom's and the bride's families-EVER!

-Maebel 7/28/16

As the groom, it didnt take long to be sold on Strawberrry Creek...have you seen that golf course? The bride, too, was a quick sell when she found out Strawberry Creek has "colored linens"...I'm still not even sure what that means.

Honestly, as I sit here and think back anout my experience at Strawberry Creek, there are memories I'll have forever that go far beyone just that 1 very special day, even going back to day 1 when we saw the place. We had already toured dozens of venues and were getting somewhat exhausted with the process and dreading touring venues. So it was a relief when we walked into the establishment. Apparently love at first site applies to more than just when my wife met me. ;) In all seriousness, our experience there was so unbelievable, it kind of makes me sad that it's all over.

Malina Potts is probably the best wedding coordinator of all time. We would have not survived or even made it to the big day if it wasn't for Malina. Malina takes the time and energy to get to know her clients so that she can have a deep understanding of what it will take to make their night perfect; and she did. Malina was incredibly nice, incredible patient and wanted to make sure every tiny detail was executed to perfection. Even I was blown away when I walked into the room and experienced the execution of all the planning her and my wife did during the past 11 months. She successfully kept a few planning secrets from multiple people (I surprised the bride with glasses and beers that had our last name and her grandmother surprised all of us with her world famous banana cupcakes) that we found out about the moment of walking into the hall. Throughout the 11-month planning process, Malina exceeded expectations as a wedding coordinator and even became a friend. We're looking forward to seeing her when we return for our 1 year anniversary dinner, another perk of SC!

There are a ton of venies out there. But don't bother looking beyond Strawberry Creek.

-Mikey 8/28/15

We had a wonderful experience at Strawberry Creek. Mary and the staff did a great job at taking care of the details and making sure everything went smoothly. The food was AMAZING. It was such a gorgeous setting as well - the golf course and large oak trees really set the mood for a perfect evening. I wish I could relive the day all over again! We love Strawberry Creek!

-Lauren 6/25/16

Our wedding was perfect! The Club at Strawberry Creek provided us with a beautiful, scenic, warm and friendly enviorment for our wedding - not to mention the incredibly delicious food. Our guests raved about our wedding, from the stunning ballroom with gorgeous views of the golf course, to the amazing good and to the wonderful staff. The team at The Club at Strawberry Creek - most notably Malina, Mary, Kory and Miguel - were a pleasure to work with. Everyone contriubted with great attention to detail and was accommodating to ur requests. Our weddin day, from getting ready, to the ceremony and through the reception, was flawless! Thank you to the Club at Strawberry Creek for helping make our wedding a dream come true!

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you have to make for your wedding. The Club at Strawberry Creek will provide you with everything you need for a magical day and the wedding of your dreams!!

-Holly 4/9/16

We originally had our hearts set on a different location prior to seeing Strawberry Creek...we were immediately sold on the rustic beauty that went prefectly with our winter wedding. The venue is newer and very clean...doesn't have that wird smell that most venues had. Everyone including us raved about the food. The apps were delicious, the main course was delicious, and even the evening snack (we served pizza) was amazing! Most venues serve teh steaks over cooked...not here, for the meat eater teh NEw York strip came our perfectly cooked and the serving size did not leave anyone hungry!

Mary our wedding coordinator. Mary was wonderful, responsive, and very personable. I cound not have asked for a better person to be there for us.

This venue was wonderful from start to finish!

-Sylvia 2/6/16

Choosing a venue is one of the biggest decisions to make while wedding planning, and thankfully it was also the best decision I made!! I was married at Strawberry Creek on 12/19/15. The Club at Strawberry Creek was a perfect wedding venue for so many reasons. One of the most important reasons was our wedding coordinator, Malina. Shwas amazing during the entire process! Any questions I had, she had the answer and responded quickly. I joked that if I was feeling stressed about wedding plannin, I would just give Malina a call and everything would be sorted out. She ensured everything would run smoothly from start to finish! Our ceremony was in front of the fireplace in the Front Hall and the reception immediately followed in the ballroom. We also had access to the beautiful bridal suite all day, starting at 8:00am. The fact that every part of our day was at one location made everything so much easier, and even saved us money on some of our other vendors since they didn't have to travel to multiple locations. There are so many seemingly small details that are included in their package that are not included most places which really end up saving time, money, stress, and effort. Things such as the wedding cake, lunch the day of the wedding, menu cards, table numbers, clean-up (and we were able to come back the following day to get our stuff), etc are all a part of their packages. If you are considering Strawberry Creek, don't look any further! You will have an absolutely wonderful wedding experience here!

-Carin 12/19/15

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